Tiger Woods

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Tiger Woods has recently regained the title of world number one in golf after a spectacular fall from grace following a period of injury and well publicised personal difficulties. His form has been spectacular in the early part of the 2013 season and he is hoping to add to his fourteen major titles to edge him ever nearer to the record eighteen titles won by legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus placing back as a firm betting favourite.

His short game has been at the heart of his recent success but the high level of competition means that there remains value in Tiger Woods betting opportunities. Tiger Woods remains a golfing icon and is once again at the top of his profession. Tiger Woods betting odds still represent great value given his recent dominance and ability to compete at the highest level. The number of Tiger Woods majors has remained constant since 2009 so the four major events of the year will offer a great opportunity to back Tiger in his quest to go down in history as the golfer who has won the most major tournaments.

Competition is strong on both sides of the continent and the deposed World Number one Rory Mcllroy will be striving to regain his top ranking after encouragement from Woods himself. Now settled in his personal life and injury free Tiger Woods is demonstrating the sort of form that made him world number one for a record two hundred and eighty one weeks between June 2005 and October 2010. At thirty four he is still relatively young for a golfer and if he can regain his touch in the major tournaments as well as the regular tour events that he has dominated during 2013 he will undoubtedly be hailed as the greatest ever golfer.