Formula One

Formula 2016 season is scheduled to begin on March 20th and the speculation over the next crowned champion of the fastest circus in the world started months before. Many teams did their best to prepare their cars for this difficult task to try and win the championship crown. The defending champion from 2015 is Mercedes. Both the constructors and the drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg finished top of the table and let their first trail to be 44 points away.

The 2016 season expanded and improved compared to the 2015 season. Haas F1 team from the United States is set to compete in its first season ever and the calendar has been expanded to 21 races. It will be the longest calendar in the history of this sport. The European Grand Prix is moving to Baku in Azerbaijan for a street circuit, replacing Valencia for the venue.

The title defender from 2015 is Lewis Hamilton and he is easily labeled as the number one favorite to win it yet again, since Mercedes have increasingly injected money in the team and significantly improved their car. Minor outside details, but heavily inside jobs have made the car more safer and increased the endurance from outside effects. Hamilton is the number one driver in Mercedes, which is important because Rosberg is likely to be the only guy capable of stopping him from winning his third consecutive championship.

If Nico Rosberg would have been in any other team, he would easily be capable to compete with Hamilton for the championship. The hierarchy in Mercedes is pretty strict and if Hamilton remained the number one driver, we believe that Rosberg will not make it past the second place. In 2015 he gave Hamilton very little to worry about and did not upset him, so we can expect the same thing this season. As a number two driver, Rosberg can just go on to retain the number two on the championship title, which will he most likely do.

Ferrari has been out of the top charts of the Formula One championships and it is only a matter of time when it will bounce back. Last year Ferrari made a great move and brought in then-reigning champion Sebastian Vettel as their number one driver, but incredible dominance from Mercedes limited him to only three wins so far. Ferrari is the constructor that made biggest amount of changes for the upcoming season so we are definitely expecting something big from the Maranelo team. Vettel can compete with both Hamilton and Rosberg on driver’s capacities, but whether he can defeat them in 21 races is very doubtful. It will clearly be the central fight in the upcoming season.

The Formula One 2016 season kicks off on March 20th 2016 with the race in Melbourne for Australian Grand Prix.