Analyzing the Trends Ahead of the 2014 Grand National

We’re closing in on the 2014 running of the Grand National at Aintree racing course. Over the decades the Grand National has become not only one of the most popular steeplechase race in Europe, but also one of the most popular races in general across Europe. So intense is the allure of the four-plus mile race that even bettors who don’t normally watch horseracing tune in each spring for the annual Grand National at Aintree.

As bettors across the United Kingdom and throughout continental Europe ready their best on, the time has come to seriously analyze the recent trends in winning horses at the Grand National. Betting is, after all, equal parts skill and luck. While bettors cannot make their own luck, they can pay attention to trends and make smart bets before the race to give themselves the greatest odds of winning.

Snapshot of Trends of Grand National

Trends are tricky to analyze because in some cases trends represent little more than coincidence. However, in other cases the trends point to the real life impact of certain factors that will play a big role in the outcome of the race. The following facts have proven true more often than not when it comes to the Grand National at Aintree:

– Every winner at Aintree since 1970 has had a previous win in a race over three miles in distance.

– Seven of the last 14 winners of the Grand National have run the course and cleared the fences on the course before, proving the value of experience at Aintree.

– Irish trained horses have won six of the last 15 Grand Nationals

– In the last 101 years of the Grand National, only two French bred horses have won. However, both of those winners came in the last four years (Mon Mome in 2009 and Neptune Collonges in 2012).

– 16 of the previous 23 winners at Aintree have started the race in the top eight with the odds makers.

While these quick snippets offer a look at the trends, there are other trends that bettors should consider before placing bets on potential winners.

Previous Grand National Form

It has already been noted that few horses claim victory in their initial appearance at Aintree, but what about racing form in those events held before the Grand National? When determining which horses to bet on, bettors should do their homework and research a horse’s previous form in other races.

The results a horse earns in certain races can be an indicator of potential success at Aintree, while others can be an indicator of long odds for success in the Grand National. For example, only one Grand National winner since 1961 has arrived at Aintree following success in the Cheltenham Festival in March.

On the other hand, previous performances in Grand National races can be an indicator of success. Horses with previous good form in the Grand National have returned in subsequent years as favorites to win at Aintree. Likewise, the previous year’s winner at the Irish Grand National has featured prominently in the betting process for the Grand National.

Judging recent form can be difficult. While certain races (such as Cheltenham) are often too long and too close to the Grand National for horses to win at Aintree, there is something to be said for horses being in stride when they arrive for the Grand National. Of the last 24 winners, 21 were ridden prominently from the outset of the season’s second circuit.

The Safe Bet

The safe move for any bettor is to do a little bit of homework before placing bets on Compare the previous performances, training, and distance-racing experience of the participants in the Grand National with the favorites as selected by the odds makers, and you’ll find the list of safe bets quickly dwindling down to a few solid selections.

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