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Best Odds on Superbowl 50 Winner
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So, you think you know who’s going to be in Super Bowl 50? Will it be the undefeated Carolina Panthers at 11-0 and the undefeated New England Patriots at 10-0? Or will there be some surprises in the playoffs?

These two teams faced off only in the preseason this year, where New England won 17-16. They met in Super Bowl XXXVIII where the New England patriots beat the Carolina Panthers 32-29.

It’s rare for any NFL team to become 10-0. It hasn’t happened since 2011. The only times two NFL teams went 10-0 in the same year was in 1990 with the San Francisco 49ers and the New York Giants,and in 2009 with the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints.

There have been 15 teams in NFL history that have reached the 10-0 mark. Eight of these teams reached the Super Bowl, with five coming away with the victory.

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Where to find the best odds on Superbowl 50
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What are the current odds on who will win Superbowl 50?

Superbowl 50 Best Odds
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Where can I get the best odds on New England vs Denver?

The New England Patriots face the Denver Broncos on Sunday as they try to match the Carolina Panthers 11-0 record. The Panthers crushed the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday to remain undefeated. Get the best odds on New England vs Denver here.

Who Might Be A Darkhorse For Super Bowl 50?

In the American Football Conference ( AFC ), the Cincinnati Bengals aren’t exactly a dark horse at 8-2. And they face a St. Louis Rams team that is just 4-6 tomorrow, giving them a likely win to go to 9-2. They don’t show any signs of slowing down either. See the best odds for the Cincinnati vs St Louis game here.

The Denver Broncos can’t be counted out either. And 12/1 odds aren’t bad. With Peyton Manning at the helm, anything is possible. They’re 8-2 and face the New England Patriots on Sunday. In past meetings, The patriots have 2 wins vs Denver’s 1 win. But that one win was the only home game for Denver and this week it will be in Denver again. See the best odds on New England vs Denver here.

The Minnesota Vikings are a darkhorse at 7-3 currently. Their Superbowl 50 odds are currently 20/1. And the Green Bay Packers are at 7-4 in the same division. Green Bay’s odds for winning Superbowl 50 are 9/1. One of those NFL teams will likely win the division and the other has a good chance to make the playoffs as the Wildcard, although nothing is guaranteed. The Minnesota Vikings play the 6-4 Atlanta Falcons Sunday. Get the best odds on Minnesota Vikings vs Atlanta Falcons here.

The Arizona Cardinals can’t be counted out this year. They are 8-2 and their Superbowl 50 odds are 13/2 right now. They play the 3-7 San Francisco 49ers Sunday. Get the best odds on the Arizona Cardinals vs the San Francisco 49ers here.

Honorable mention: The New York Giants are just 5-5 right now. They play the 4-6 Washington Redskins Sunday. So, why do I include the NY Giants as a darkhorse for winning the Superbowl if they are just 5-5?

  1. That still means they’re winning their division right now, giving them a shot to win the division, especially with Tony Romo injured again, hurting the Dallas Cowboys chances. The 49ers, also in their division aren’t looking great at 3-7. Washington is their only real challenge and they play tomorrow.
  2. Remember when New England went 16-0 for the regular season, only to lose to the New York Giants in the Superbowl? You can call the Giants; Giant-Killers. So, in a season where there are undefeated teams, and one of them being New England, the Giants at 28/1 could be a windfall as the Superbowl winners.

So, who do you think will win Superbowl 50?

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