Bet on the Premier League

It’s finally back on the 17th of June, You can bet on the Premier League.  With Manchester City vs Arsenal kicking off at 6.45 live on Sky. As we write this article Arsenal are 8/1 which looks a big price given that no one knows how the teams will react playing in an empty stadium.

If you look at the early results in the Bundesliga there were very few home wins in the 1st two rounds of matches having watched a couple of games this might have been down to some poor finishing however Manchester City has little to play for in the League.

If you fancy an alternative bet on the Premier League that day there’s also Aston Villa vs Sheffield United where again we would fancy the away team who were playing much better than their rivals prior to this unexpected halt.

An away day double would be a great start for us and probably the bookmakers as well with Manchester City always vert short in the book these days 33/100 gives them an implied probability of about 75% of winning the game and we just think that’s far too short given the circumstances but it’s really all about your own opinion and there’s so many that’s what makes a lot of people bet on the premier league or any football match for that matter.

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