Bet Tote Pools

The self-explanatory name of one of the United Kingdom’s most established gambling service, Totesport, offers a clearly visible insight into what the main focus is. Horse racing.

Totesport was founded in 1928 by the UK government in its attempt to tackle illegal gambling on horse racing and the association with this popular form of betting remains to this date even though this operator has expanded its gambling offering significantly.

Tote remains the signature feature of this gambling establishment and Totepool, as such, occupies a notable space at Totesport website. As an alternative to fixed-odds betting or races – either horse or greyhound – Totepool will calculate your potential winnings using the number of winners instead offering you a price on betting selection.

The jackpot-like nature of the Totepool makes it an extremely prevalent betting structure to this date. It’s popularity has plenty to do with different Totepool bet types, four of which can also be find at Totepool.

  • Tote Placepot
  • Tote Quadpot
  • Tote Jackpot
  • Tote Scoop6
  • ToteWin & Place
  • Tote Trifecta

As one of Totesport’s most popular bets available across the UK and Ireland, Tote PlacePot requires a placed horse in races 1-6 in order for you to win without even backing a winner.

Tote Quadpot latches on Tote Placepot and allows you to get your records straight in case of going out of the Placepot too early. It works by players placing a horse in races 3-6 and is available at every UK meeting.

Offering you a chance to hit a jackpot of up to £1.4 million on a bet as little as £1 is Totepool’s Tote jackpot. In order to grab this lucrative payout you will need to pick the winner in each of six nominated races so you know you’re going to work hard to get your hands on this war chest.

Offered on Saturdays and at the major festivity races such as Royal Ascot, Tote Scoop6 offers three ways to win the prize. You can Scoop the Win Fund with all 6 winners and afterwards play for the Bonus Fund the following week, and also get the Placed Fund for 6 placed horses.

Totesport offers a valuable alternative to grabbing the odds on a horse through its ToteWin & Place offering. Backing an outsider or betting in a race with lots of runners is especially convenient for this particular bet type.

Ultimately, the three-way type called Tote Trifecta will have you hitting the first, second and third in exact order. It’s a lucrative bet which could result in hefty winnings and is available on races with over three runners. To spice things up, Totepool lets you get in the Trifecta rollover race each Saturday, when pools will be boosted by rollover funds from a week before.

ToteSport’s Totepool will let you stay up to date with all of action courtesy of its Live Info section where you will be given a news overview and relevant information on the upcoming races. Furthermore, you can choose from Multi Race Pools, check out the Win/Place offering or get in with an Exacta across the UK or Swinger across both UK and Ireland.