Bookmakers Introductory Offers

Why do online bookmakers offer free bets to new customers?

The reason is simple they would much prefer you to bet online than in a traditional betting shop because it’s cheaper for them to process the bet with less overheads, but the main reason is they can offer you more products more of the time especially now people are more and more choosing to use their mobile device as the way to bet.

So where ever you are the next bet is only a few clicks away, watching the match in the pub fancy your team to come back, the odds and that bets are second away. Often at better odds than you would get in your local betting shop.

To get the best value odds you really should open an account with all the online bookmakers and get those free bets. If you fancy is 7/2 with Coral and yet 5/1 with Bet365 and Ladbrokes you may as well open another account and wim more money.

For the latest free bet offers see our bookmaker reviews which list all the introductory offers

Betting is all about value and picking winners but by taking the best odds you win more when you get it right!!!