Braunschweig v Hoffenheim Betting Preview 21/12/13

It finally happened, after 4 rounds Braunschweig managed to score against Augsburg last week. They haven’t won or anything, they just scored 1 goal (lost 4-1). The funny part is that Braunschweig had no shots on target and only Augsburg’s defenders are to be thanked for that goal.

After 16 rounds there shouldn’t be any doubts that Braunschweig is the weakest team in Bundesliga. They have a defensive approach to most games but it’s definitely not working out.

There’s too little creativity and involvement in the offensive phase, that’s how we can explain the low number of goals scored so far, about 0.5 per game…(the lowest in Bundesliga for quite some time)

Being defensive minded surely won’t help Braunschweig book another ticket for Bundesliga next season. They need to take more chances, to be more adventurous, as after all there’s not much they can lose…

Hoffenheim were kind of unlucky not to win last round against Dortmund. They were 2-0 up early in the 1st half, and only keeper’s Grahl errors helped Dortmund get back in the game (finished 2-2).

Hoffenheim are getting more dangerous as round goes by. Hoffenheim is a young and talented team, gaining experience and building playing relations each week. So in spite of the disappointing draw against Dortmund last round, Hoffenheim are now more mature and professional.

If by any chance Braunschweig will realize that defending in numbers won’t get them anywhere, Hoffenheim will surely exploit every tiny hole that arises. If Braunschweig will continue with the defensive tactics it also won’t do any good, since they don’t have the power to resist Hoffenheim’s fast attacks evenly distributed on the flanks and in the center. Either way, Braunschweig are doomed to lose.

Hoffenheim to win at evens from Ladbrokes is definitely worth some medium to high stakes.

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