Formula One Team Guide 2016

Formula One 2016 Teams

While many value the quality of the roster for the Formula One season, one of the key element for a successful season are the constructors and a quality car. Constructors are each way given encouragement to improve the car because even the slight positive change can bring joy at the end of the season.

Last year Mercedes out dominated all of other teams and won the record breaking 703 points at the end of the season. Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg were practically unstoppable and finished top of the race 13. times out of 19 races. While nobody can question whether Rosberg and Hamilton possess the quality to win so many races and ultimately the championship (Hamilton) many believe that Mercedes’ role was equally important. The car for the 2015 season was by far the most creative and craftily produced, so the eventual win did not come as a surprise.

After associating with McLaren for many many years, Mercedes decided to re-enter as their own group back in 2010 with Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg as their drivers. After initial domination by Red Bull Racing Team, Mercedes stormed to the stage, first in 2013, when they came second and then winning back to back titles in 2014 and 2015, easily leaving Red Bull and Ferrari for couple of hundred points behind.

Mercedes had a successful stint of pre-season trainings and proved their dominance. Both Rosberg and Hamilton proved that they don’t plan to back down for the 2016 season, as they dominated the Spain try-outs. While Mercedes director Paddy Lowe announced that the new car looks essentially the same, he also stated that the squad has made some “crucial” changes on the car’s engine and internal settings. The first results show that Lowe was right as the newest Mercedes car still looks very impressive.

Mercedes has arguably the best car at their disposal in the last two seasons and some feel that they will take this season easy and maybe get complacent. Mercedes’ new W07 car is the improvement on last year’s W06 version and mini-requirements guarantee that we will see the best from Mercedes this year. What is particularly interesting from last season, is Mercedes’ own engines who failed them on two occasions. While many things can be dubbed as a accident, if they overcome this minor glitch, Mercedes will definitely cruise to yet another constructor’s title. 21 races is a long schedule, so if anything goes wrong, Ferrari, RB and Williams will mostly likely be right there behind to capitalize on that.

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