How to profit on multiple bets?

How to profit on multiple bets – The scope for multiple betting profit is absolutely enormous, given the vast array of methods punters have at their disposal when placing such a bet. Horse racing and football are sports most commonly associated with multiple bets, with a weekend accumulator in the latter sport a staple of most punters’ diet.

All bookmakers offer multiple betting opportunities, but in order to obtain enhanced prices, we suggest keeping a close eye on Paddy Power and their ‘Powerplay’ promotion. Within the aforementioned offer, sides popular with punters often receive a collective price boost. For example, a bet on Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea to win their upcoming fixtures could give returns of 2/1, but would be offered to punters at around the 7/2 mark as a ‘Powerplay’ bet.

How to profit on multiple bets – Doubles, Trebles and Accumulators

How to profit on multiple bets – A simple concept in essence, the reason why multiple bets can provide such hefty rewards is that every single selection must prevail in order to gift a payout. Using horse racing as an example, a £10 stake on two horses respectively priced at 3/1 and 4/1 as a double would be worth £200 if both selections were successful. The punter essentially places a £10 bet on the first horse at 3/1, and should that prove a winner, has £40 riding on the 4/1 shot that completes the bet.

The same rules apply for trebles and accumulators, with the accrued stake rolling on to the next pick, meaning that more selections can result in greater profit, though it is obviously more difficult to predict five winners than two. A number of bookmakers do allow slight leeway though, particularly in horse racing, offering the chance to place each-way multiple bets. The downside to this is that the payout will obviously be slightly reduced, but at least places for each selection will guarantee returns. We find Bet365, Coral, Ladbrokes and PaddyPower to be most generous regarding their each-way terms, offering 1/4 or 1/5 of the selection’s starting price odds dependent upon the size of the field.

But, particularly in football betting, there is more fun to be had and more profit to be made from exploring alternative avenues to simply choosing winners of upcoming matches and combining the selections. Utilisation of Bet365 is advised, with that firm offering the chance to mix a number of match markets together as one multiple bet. For example, there is little value to be found in a team heavily favoured at 1/3 in match betting markets, but that same outfit will be available at around the evens mark to triumph giving up a goal head-start. Combining that with a 5/6 price that the selection wins, for example, a race to seven corners, and there is potential for loftier payouts, at more than 5/2 in the aforementioned case