Place a Bet Online

Place a Bet Online – Placing a bet online is a fairly simple process. The first thing you have to do is sign up with a online bookmaker. The best part about this is your likely to get a very good sign up bonus. The major UK bookmakers will also give you other offers that are not available down your local betting shop such as best odds guaranteed. The reason for this is simple their costs are much lower when you bet online as the staffing costs are cheaper and they are not paying rental on a high street property.

Place a Bet Online – the basics of opening an account

The first part is simple name, address and date of birth and as responsible companies they will check you are over 18. This is usually done behind the scenes with a voters role or similar check. If you haven’t lived in a property long or they cant see data to prove you age your age you may in some cases be asked to upload a copy of your drivers license or passport, along with proof of address this is normally known as KYC, Know your customer they are not trying to scam you they are proving that they have taken relevant steps to identify you.

UK bookmakers are extremely responsible and highly regulated they may ask if you if you want to set a deposit limit, this is how much you put into your account on a daily/weekly basis. Make sure you set a level if you feel that it’s necessary.

From there you can choose your deposit method, most people use their debit car or a payment provider such as neteller once this part of the process is done you are ready to bet. In some cases you are given an offer code remember to use it as instructed.

Place a Bet Online and you might get a free bet

We recommend you open accounts with all our bookmakers to ensure you get the most free bets and also you can choose which bookmaker is offering the best odds so if your wager is successful you win more. Remember you must be over 18 and read the relevant terms and conditions.

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Remember to only bet what you feel comfortable with losing, take regular breaks and if you feel you have any issues speak to Gamcare and your bookmaker.