Rebel Betting Sports Arbitrage Software?

Rebel Betting -We have been asked many times does Arbitrage betting work. The answer is a simple one yes it does. But there can be draw backs if your simply backing horses or sports and laying then back on Betfair your likely to get your betting account restricted or closed.

Now if you were to be a bit cleverer and back the different outcomes with different bookmaker to guarantee yourself a profit the chances of getting your account restricted are much much lower. The reason for this is that not many of your accounts will end up always in profit, there will be an ebb and flow to the pattern. You will make a return on every bet but over a wide range of online bookmakers and this is where Rebelbetting come in, their sports arbitrage betting software is simply a different class.

The automation in rebelbetting is simple and yet very effective it enables you to place a bet within seconds rather than minutes, you will be automatically logged in to your bookmaker on the right page with the correct odds

Betting on an arbitrage is extremely easy using Rebl Betting. All information you need is gathered on one single Betting Browser! No more switching constantly between browser windows, Excel etc.Two or three bookmaker web sites can be shown on a single page, and if it gets crowded you can always switch one of them to full screen. The Betting Browser is extremely valuable when needing an overview of the bets you are about to place.

You can even get a free trialT Rebel Betting showing all sure win bets under 0.6% and then pricing starts from just 39 Euro’s a week so if you want to make a no risk profit from your betting then this is the software for you. Don’t forget to sign up to the individual bookmakers from our reviews and get the best free bets.