Super bowl Betting Preview

Super Bowl Betting Predictions Locked And Loaded

The Super Bowl is just around the corner. All the hype is almost over. Fans have made the trip across miles of winter weather to the desert of Arizona for the big game. Players have entertained the masses with their media day shenanigans. It seems like it takes forever for the kickoff to get here each year with all the build up to the Super Bowl, but it is now upon us.

I have a few predictions for the game that has New England as a one point favorite right now generally. Some sports books have the game as a pick em and others have the defending champion Seahawks as a one point favorite. Pick your poison as to which way you are leaning. If you feel like the Patriots are going to win, then you should seek a book that has them getting a point. Go the other way and seek out a book that has the Seahawks getting a point if you are on their bandwagon. Hold tight for my pick toward the end of this post.

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The over and under on this game is set at 47.5 points on average. New England’s post season games went over that total in both of their playoff contests. The same was true for the Seahawks, even in their game against the offensively challenged Carolina Panthers. I would go with the over in this Super Bowl. Even if one team grabs the lead early, I feel like the opponent can come back quickly with points. We saw it with the Patriots coming back twice from 14 down in their game with the Ravens. Seattle was down 16-0 when they finally came to life versus Green Bay. Russell Wilson along with some special teams trickery, racked up points late in the game when most thought they were dead in the water.

If anyone thinks that all this DeflateGate talk is going to affect the Patriots, think again. They are a focused team that could care less about how the world perceives them. By the way, the world thinks they are cheaters according to a new poll on the NY Post. But Brady and Belichick were thought of as cheaters before this incident. SpyGate was not that long ago and their legacy is still stained from that cheating scandal. Just don’t expect the New England Patriots to take the field with the burden of this scandal effecting their play. The actual game is where most athletes escape the stress of the real world. Tom Brady is as cool as the other side of the pillow and I believe his focus will be solely on the Seahawks defense.

If you are looking for some prop bet action in this game, it’s not hard to find. You can bet on everything from the winner of the coin toss to how many yards LeGarrette Blount has in comparison to the minutes that the Silva and Diaz fight lasts! I won’t tell you how to bet on the coin toss, but I will give you some insight for other prop bets out there.

As for anything pertaining to Blount’s rushing, I would go low. I’d be shocked if he ends up with 75 yards rushing. Just because he mashed the inept defense of the Colts does not mean he will succeed versus the Seahawks. The best defense in the NFL is not going to let Blount get off like that. Not to mention that the running attack is not what Belichick has in mind generally. This game will be won or lost on the passing of Tom Brady. That has been the theme most of 2014 and will not change in the Super Bowl.

A few other tips on prop bets. Rob Gronkowski is the only mismatch in favor of New England when it comes to receivers. He will have a big yardage total no matter if the Pats win or not. They will go to him early and often whether they are ahead or trying to make a comeback. The other tiny Patriots receivers will get bullied by the Legion Of Boom, but Gronk will be the bully on the offensive side of the ball. Brady’s passing yards should be over 300. Ahead or behind, he will keep slinging it. New England will keep trying to score even with a lead. They don’t want to end up like the Packers did.

Look for big rushing yards from Russell Wilson. Any bet that is around 50 yards for the best scrambler in the game, take the over. He is unstoppable in most games and I don’t see him fearing the New England defense.

So who wins the Super Bowl on February 1, 2015? I am going with the Seahawks. They will become the first back to back Super Bowl Champions since the 2003 – 2004 seasons when the Patriots did it. I have them winning by a field goal so you are good against the spread if you go with Seattle. I see Seattle winning this thing 27-24. I believe the Seattle defense will be too much to handle even though Brady and company will score some points. The Patriots have not faced this kind of defense all year and I’m afraid it will show up early. The defensive secondary of Seattle is second to none and Brady’s no names at wide out will be exposed. Gronkowski may have the biggest game of his life, but he will be the only help on the receiving end for Brady.

If my prediction is correct with Brady and Belichick being denied a fourth Super Bowl ring, some will say karma played a role. Cheaters shouldn’t win will be the theme after the game. And maybe karma will play a role. But more likely it will be just the fact that Seattle is a solid team that has few weaknesses and a great coach in Pete Carroll. Defense still wins championships in the NFL even though that cliché has been run into the ground. Seattle has the superior defense and an offense to match the Patriots’ point production. I hope to see a great game and good luck to you all that have some “friendly” wagers going.

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