Wolfsburg v Hannover Betting Preview 25/01/14

Wolfsburg have a great chance of qualifying for an European competition at the end of the season. It’s been a while since they played in Europa League but now all the factors are present for Wolfsburg to make a comeback.

They’ve transferred in attacking midfielder De Bruyne from Chelsea. I believe De Bruyne will adapt instantly at Wolfsburg and will make a great partnership with Diego.

Worlfsburg’s offensive power skyrocketed after this transfer. Before the winter break they scored 1.64 goals per game. I believe this ratio will increase dramatically until the end of the season.

In the 1st part of the season Hannover at home and Hannover away were like 2 different teams. Away from home Hannover is the worst side in Bundesliga, the only team that couldn’t win at least 1 point. Somehow they managed to lose all their away games before the winter break.

They play in the classic system 4-4-2 with both central midfielders being defensive minded. With so many players concentrated in the defensive phase they still concede 2.5 goals per game when playing away.

During the transfer window Hannover loaned in Latvian striker Rudnevs, who was only a bench warmer at Hamburg. There’s nothing to suggest they will improve in this 2nd part of the season.

With increased offensive power Wolfsburg should be able to trash Hannover. Wolfsburg -1 (with money back if they win just by 1) at evens from Bet365 is definitely worth some medium to high stakes.

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