Your guide to betting on the Grand National

There are ordinary horse races and then there is the Grand National! And this year’s main event will be taking place at legendary Aintree on April 5th. No other equestrian get together captures the Great British public’s imagination quite like this one. Whether you enjoy a bit of Grand National betting, or you just like the whole sophistication and drama of this iconic gathering, you just know that April the 5th is not to be missed.

Grand National Betting

If you were looking for some advice on how to make the Grand National 2014 a little more interesting, you’ve definitely come to the right place! Although the UK is not known for its gambling tendencies, it seems that we all enjoy a little bet on the horses on special occasions. You usually have a few options when it comes to laying down a few quid on the horse and jockey of your choice. You can try one of the high street bookmakers for some interesting and exciting choices. Or perhaps you’d rather peruse the online options from the comfort of your PC or smartphone? You can pick a favourite if you trust the tips from those on the inside, or if you’d prefer larger odds, and a sweeter payout, why not pick a rank outsider instead?

Grand National free bets

You’ve probably noticed that some bookies are offering free bets on the Grand National 2014. And whilst these are not strictly free per se, the book makers will match your bet with a similar stake if you choose carefully. The whole point of betting on a horse race is to pick the horse that crosses the line first. But at the Grand National, you can exercise a little less caution and who knows; maybe your outsider will turn that small investment into something really special?